Sunday, June 4, 2017

Scarves #10 (Guest Post)

 Hello, Rebekah's lovely readers! My name is Amanda. I'm the dreaded older sister. Okay, not really. Older, yes. Dreaded, hopefully not.

Anyhow, Rebekah is off learning about Jesus so I'm filling in. Due to several technical difficulties (which included not getting the password for Rebekah's account before she went off the grid) I was unable to get this post up on Friday. Sorry. :/ But we're doing it today! :)

Also, fair warning: I am not as fashionable as Rebekah. Everything I know of scarves I learn from her blog. Thankfully, all I have to do today is explain a scarf she already put together. Still, if something doesn't make sense you can go ahead and blame me, not her. (She explained all this over the phone while I was half asleep...and it wasn't until halfway through the conversation that I pulled out a pencil and paper to take notes...)

I'm pretty sure this is called the Headband Scarf...that would make sense, considering how it is worn...

Wrap around your head and tie the scarf at the forehead.

Take off your head and braid the ends of the knot together, around the loop.

Voila! Headband.

This is part where she usually states where she acquired her clothing. Again...I was half asleep during that phone call, and did not take good notes. Therefore...I've got nothing.

Enjoy wearing this lovely style, ladies! (I'd say "and gentlemen" but it would be a bit of an odd style for guys...)


  1. A darling idea! :) Thanks for filling in Amanda. ;)

    1. Fashion blogging is not my forte, but I had fun! :)